Aug 4, 2016

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Selling Comic Books Online the Right way with Search Engine Optimization

Digital Comics

It’s a digital sales model that has been embraced by every important U.S. Comics publisher – and most eBook marketers as well – and was impressed by anxieties that piracy of digital copies might hurt not only digital but also print sales. It is also basically prevented the comic book audience from really owning any one of the books they purchase.

When comic book publisher Image Comic books declared at its Picture Expo convention that it’ll now sell all its digital comic books as downloadable via its website for both desktop and mobile users, which makes it the first important U.S.

Publisher to provide DRM-free digital versions of comics. That is quite a strong correlation with things which suck not being significantly pirated, while things which are successful have an increased piracy speed. If you put out an excellent comic book, even when someone does download it illegally, if they love it then the chances of them purchasing the book is fairly high.

Certainly we don’t need everyone giving a copy to one hundred pals, however, this topic has been around since home recording was allegedly killing music in the 70s, and that failed to occur. There’s anything to be said for the possession factor. And God forbid, if ComiXology goes under or their data center comes with an earthquake all their hard disk drives disappear completely – then you’ve got nothing.

There have been many snafus thus far which have highlighted the restrictions of ComiXology model of digital sales. In Mar, a server crash due to massive interest in a Marvel Comics promotion not only turn off sales of new comics but additionally user access to the reader and any comic books stored in the cloud. Fortunately it didn’t happen and all the costumers have regain the access to their digital comics.

SEO:  The Way to do Business has Change Dramatically

The way people interact with content have slowly change. Today more and more people prefer digital over printed books specially the new generations called “Millennial”. They are the first generation who don’t know life without the internet and personal tech devices.

Social media, Internet, Audios, videos, Websites are the best ways to promote a business in today’s world. All businesses need to adjust and go with the flow if they want to be successful.

It is true that will be difficult to guarantee  your web site on page #1 of Google for ever but there are many company specialized in that. They focus and rank your website so to the right people in google see it, Sankt Gallen is one of them.

They will discover if the website  is search engine friendly. They have the tools and the know how to build an internet search engine friendly website.  Google releases technical guidelines and recommendations only for their partners is a google partner.

Google also examines the quantity of traffic an internet site receives, the period of time spent on website pages, and a lot more. This means Google can discover the acknowledgment of an internet site by both the number of visits and time length spent browsing your webpages. The more optimize your content and website is the more customer and sales you will gain.

Will there be a great deal of on-line competition for the business?

Whether you have an internet site selling comic books or real estate, getting on page 1 of Google may be incredibly hard if you are not with the right seo company.  In case your site and domain name are new it might take more time for Google to come through and cache the web site but with the correct strategy it will be possible.

Do you have a little website, less than 10 pages? Did you know that every personal page in your site is a chance to describe to Google what you are about? You will learn about how many pages Google has located on your website by looking your domain name in Google. Don’t hesitate any more and get advise for the experts!

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Jul 28, 2016

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Comic Book Values

You may be sitting on truly a treasure chest without even understanding it

Nearly everyone read comics when they were small, so you probably did, also. Many people have the experience to keep these comics, plus they’re reaping the advantages now, since comic books value is always unforeseen, and the lucky ones find that they’ve ones that have exceptionally desirable comic books value.

There is an assortment of factors that determine a comic book’s value. Condition: The state the comic book is in is very significant. This can be classified under lots of headings, from mint, which will be the greatest situation the comic book might be, to poor.

Practically, you may expect most comic books to be anyplace from great to fine, with fine being truly a grade higher than really great. Bear in mind that even when the rest of the comic book is in good condition, if the cover will be missing, the book value will come down significantly. Is the cover however on the comic book, first, and if it is, could it be in good condition? This can be the most crucial factor as far as the comic’s situation is concerned.

What are the creases? The less noticeable creases you’ll find, the higher your comic book may be priced. Is the backbone in great condition? This is another essential consideration. You’ll start wishing you’d never folded it back whenever you had been reading it! d.

Are the basics rusty or discolored?

This is another essential factor that determines how your comic book may be priced. Are there any stains? Any sort of stain will lower the cost of your comic.

Is something torn, particularly the corners? Or are they bent? If they’re, obviously the value will go down. Comic books value also depends on whether there are any pages lost.

In a nutshell, you can’t expect much if the books are nearly falling apart. A rare version of the Batman comic, for instance, will fetch a far better price than a comic that’s not really that popular.

Here, again the way you market your comic book books could make a lot of variation. There are so many collectors who specifically want out from the way comics, so you’ve to find these buyers if you desire a good price for these comics.

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Jun 4, 2016

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History Of Comics

Comic became an integral part of the American culture and media during the early nineteen century. The first comic was developed in America during the same period to attract customers to buy Sunday edition of a newspaper. This new art form was well appreciated by Americans. When it comes to the development of comic and comical characters the few names needs to be greatly credited.  Richard Outcault, William Randolph Hearst, Joseph Pulitzer, James Swinnerton and Rudolph Dirks are one of the pioneers who contributed a lot to the development of comic and its characters

  • The first one-panel comic was created byRichardOutcault
  • William Randolph Hearst created the largest panel of comic very soon
  • Joseph Pulitzer introduced comic as part of yellow journalism
  • James Swinnerton is one of the earliest cartoonists who gave birth to various comic characters
  • Rudolph Dirks introduced the in-panel dialogue box for the comic series


Early Days

In the initial days, the main ingredients of a comic were humour. Early comics were published in the American newspapers with one episode of humorous incidences and topics. The next episode that would come the next week had no link with the previous ones. That would be a new story. This format of comic remained unchanged for almost thirty years. However with the passage of time, the comic illustrators and the writers have started making series of interrelated episodes. “Little Nemo in Slumberland” and “In the Land of Wonderful Dreams” are few examples of developed version of comics having stories divided into episodes.

Advent Of The Scientific Age

Another major change took place during the early twentieth century. This was the time and the age of scientific inventions. People have started talking more about science and technology. The kids would be thrilled to know about stories of planets and gadgets. This was the time when Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote the first science fiction Comic known as Under the Moons of Mars. This series of stories had a descriptive illustration of science fiction.

The First Comic Book

With a huge success of comic in the newspapers, pioneer printing presses have started thinking possible ways to use the colour tool in other possible ways. In the year of 1933, EsternColor Press came up with an idea of compiling comics into broadsheets. This broadsheet could be folded and carried. This was the first modern book of comic. Initially, some of the comic books were distributed free and was well reciprocated. Comics like the funnies on parade was initially distributed free. Gradually publishers started printing series of comic books which were well received by the viewers around the world.

Decline Of The Demand Of Comic

With the growth of various medium of entertainment, demand for comic gradually declined. Many comical characters have become the part of television series and movies now. The Marvel heroes like the Batman and the Spiderman originated from comics are now part of TV series and movies. Finally, with the advent of the internet, the demand for comics fell tremendously.

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